Hot Corners - Automate your daily tasks on Windows (Windows)

Hot Corners is a time-saver tool which comes with many useful features that makes it unique.

The application comes with a set of fully customizable actions (or presets) that can be performed when the mouse is around a corner of the screen, that is, you can automate any task you want by moving the mouse cursor to one of the corners of your display, you can assign different tasks for each corner, helping you in repetitive daily tasks.
Internal Mouse Tracking
The application internally keeps tracking of mouse activity to improve performance and CPU usage by switchtng to idle state when the mouse is inactive, Hot Corners is not intrusive with the S.O, it only works when mouse activity is detected.
Action Customizer
Each corner can be configured to perform one of the included actions/presets in the application, like running a file or process with specific parameters, or eplore a folder, navigate to a website, launch a Control Panel applet, and much more.
Corner Enabling
Each corner can be enabled or disabled at any moment through the main application menu.
Process Exclusion
Any processes can be blacklisted to abort a corner activation, this is useful for example when playing full-screen games.
Corner size Customizer
The area of the corners can be customized to accomplish your needs.
Corner Delays Customizer
The internal intervals of the application can be customized thorugh the main menu to help you improve performance,
like the required time to activate a corner, or the delay interval to perform a first check after mouse activity is detected.
Active Monitor Selection
Hot Corners can be configured to work at a specific monitor, or even with dual monitors.
The application can be configured to automatically run with Windows.
Debug Console
Helps you to discover the best values for your corners configuration of problems with the current configuration by seeying what happens each moment in real time.
Reset Configuration
The customizations of each corner can be reseted just with one click.

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