Paging load more in catalog by Ajax (Magento Extensions)


- Hide paging default magento

- Show load more paging in catalog

- Save status paging when redirect page.

Reason to choose Paging load more in catalog by Ajax

1) No modify magento core

2) Easy enable/disable

3) Easy to install and manage

4) Support Magento 2.0.x and 2.1.x

Installation Process

Note: Please take backup of your Magento installation (files and database) before install/update any extension.

1) Download the extension’s .ZIP file.

2) Extract .ZIP file from magento root directory.

3) Open a terminal and Run command “bin/magento setup:upgrade” in magento root directory

4) Clear Cache

5) Go to Stores -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Catalog -> Storefront. Select “Yes” in Use paging load more ajax and save settings.

6) Clear Cache